I AM. Not another cheesy spiritual statement. In life what you see is what you get. And what you get is what you live. Live (in) the moment, and increase your moments! That’s why I AM everywhere I want, with everyone who matters. Literally. Living is my feeling. My only one, the one and only. I am in love with life, and that’s larger than love. Coz humour is better than sex. And since I believe you make the things be beautiful, I’m not looking for beauty. Though sometimes I look in the mirror too. 😉 osker weight lossing capsule.

I love traveling and taking photos, trying new stuff and I am crazy about fashion like a maniac for his victims. LOL! But I’m not a fashion victim. :)) . J’adore LUXe, I admit it – guilty, but not a sinner. I party like a motherfucker and I am the party-father. 😀

Because I’ve got the fear of missing out, I always act and react. Hooray! Here you’ll find: places, people, events, food, lifestyle, fashion, art, photography, cool sHIT and more. More than that, all real! You wanna be bad, but you’re not a bull if you waste time with bullshit. So, no imported photos, all the stories are true and the experiences mine. I am always in, that’s my intention, and I get attention. All that defines me. And my blog is the journal of my own journey. Take it, read it, enjoy it, share it, shake it, #snakkeit. Make it happen! 🙂

Snakkeitly yours,