I would say that Couture is not for everyone, but I’d rather let Fashion speak for itself. And for that I’ve got a collection of relevant photos from the newest Giambattista fashion show which are on fleek. But first, let’s put a few personal impressions on the catwalk, right from the place. Yasss, bae! ‘Cause we all luv talking about fashion, don’t we? :)) #snakkeit #TheInsider Giambattista Valli Spring 2016 Collection generic nexium. January 25, Paris, Carreau du Temple. Fashion show, showtime! White lights and white decor. Simple & minimalist.

It’s weekend, muh’ people! Let’s relax, let’s free our minds, let’s take a break. Even from eating. LOL! What about a detox? Detox your body, detox your mind. Feel better, feel clean, feel thin. Filthy no more! :)) #snakkeit #TheInsider SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain I highly recommend SHA Clinic for a professional detox programme. Located in the Valencian Community, I think it’s the best in Europe. Very luxurious. I have not seen places like this before. I’ve tried it one year ago and I lost 5 kilos in one week

Paris. The beauty of this city always moves me. One night I set my wheels in motion and I went to the Paris Wheel. Being on a 60-metre tall Ferris wheel gives you such a moving sensation. Both literally and metaphorically. The higher you get, the better the view gets. Great feelings! #TheInsider #snakkeit A wheel around the world… Despite having a fear of heights, as you may know, the experience of the giant Roue de Paris viagra-generic-name. above this splendid city is totally worth it. The wheel was originally

Not only the way you live reflects your high life, but also where you live. Home sweet home keeps my life sweet too. Hence, I am delighted by exquisite pieces of funiture and decorations. It is highly important to me to feel cozy at home, to sleep in a dreamy place, or even to love the bed where I make love. LOL! #TheInsider #snakkeit Last weekend I visited a gallery (shop) of furniture and home decorations in Paris. Galerie Glustin left me… well, dreamy. From vintage to modern pieces by

  Well, we all enjoy wearing Louis Vuitton, but what about visiting him? LOL! Wait! Whut?! :)) Despite I’m a crazy fan of LV, I haven’t gone isane. I’m actually talking about visiting the Louis Vuitton Art Museum. #TheInsider #snakkeit Stepping into the future Yes, there is a LV museum in Paris started in 2006. In fact it’s a Foundation, including a cultural centre also. It supports French and international contemporary artistic creation. The $143 million museum has been completed and opened in October 2014. The new building, designed by

Midday in Paris

Midnight in Paris? Good movie. But forget about it! You want it tasty. :)) What about a biotin vardenafil pills. midday (lunch) in Paris? Well, not really with Woody Allen, but in Louis’ friendly company. #TheInsider #snakkeit L’Ami Louis Who’s Louis? He’s the one and only. :)) He is the famous owner of the famous Parisian bistro Chez L’Ami Louis. OMG, Oh My Belly! This is the right place to ask for help when your stomach gets in trouble. I was hungry as hell. But, I also had an appetite for

An outfit may suit your mood, but it also can set your mood. Who says you can’t feel fresh or fierce, confident and good-looking during the winter? Just look at me! 😉 #TheInsider #Snakkeit Because in some parts of the world is still winter, as well in Romania, this time I’m gonna show you some pieces of clothing that I love wearing on wintry days. First, take a look over the photo gallery. Now, here you are, here is what you have seen there and you’ve loved… Hat: Hermès Fur

Every Sunday is like the end of a movie chapter, when your fabulous week closes. But what about opening the Caffè Stern menu in Paris, on Sunday morning? You’ll feel even more fabulous just before your week ends. Weekend at its finest! #Snakkeit cipro without prescription. Over 180 years of history The space that houses Caffè Stern, located inside Passage des Panoramas (maybe the oldest arcades in Paris), was originally opened as a letterpress in 1834. Today it’s a fancy Italian-style coffehouse & bistro. Today, also, I have been there

People talk about fashion and they try to define what fashion is. But actually it’s Fashion that talks about people. Fashion says not what you are, but WHO you are and how you feel. The way you dress says a lot about your personality styled by your mood, and that’s why people love fashion. Falling in love with yourself? Maybe, ’cause fashion designs you the self-confidence. I am beautiful not because of fashion, but because fashion understands and suits my beauty. Perfection does exist through fashion. True fashion! #TheInsider #snakkeit

Well, well, swell… High life may be about glam fashion, travels and vanity, being a badass party animal and not giving a $hit about it. But it is also about (modern) art at its highest. There is a sensitive side of high life, but modernly sensitive & at its finest. #TheInsider #snakkeit 😉 Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. January 26, 2016 High expectations: Andy Warhol exhibition, the famous Pop Art artist. Touché, touch of American culture in Paris. Highlights: ”Mao” and ”Jackie Kennedy” portraits; the first European

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