V is for Vanity. Or Victory? Maybe the Victory of Vanity. Fair enough! #snakkeit 😉 Yeah, Vanity Fair has taken over meh. And I’ve been collecting these magazines since… well, I can’t remember. :)) But actually besides memories and travels, VF is the only thing I collect. I love everything about it. From celebrity interviews to Fanfair & Fairground sextion section, from photoshoots by Annie Leibovitz (my favourite photographer) to the last page where Proust Questionnaire is (in the newest issue the ”victim” is Derek Zoolander). Zoom in on this

You need only two ingredients to smell formidable: 50g of TOM dissolved in 50ml of FORD. LOL! Now, TOM FORD perfumes are the perfect balance for a balanced man: both body & soul enchanted. These fragrances are my favourite. Tuscan Leather (Private Blend Collection, 2007) and Urban Musk (White Musk Collection, 2009) I love the most. #snakkeit You can find these perfumes in TF stores only, or in other luxury shops. Man, wait, have I said ”balanced man”? Well, I am. But I’ve actually got an addiction: TOM FORD. 😉

St. Barths, guys! Into the Caribbean Sea… Second time for me scuba-enjoying this sea. See? If I’ve come back, then it’s highly worth it. 😉 #HighLife #TheInsider #snakkeit  Pain de Sucre, Saint-Barthélemy. Wake up in the morning, ride a scooter to Port de Gustavia, meet a sexy girl. 😉 Here Laurie, the sexiest diving instructor and underwater photographer, was waiting for me. Together we got on a catamaran to sail the sea, while Laurie sexily explained to me how to use scuba diving equipment and the do’s and dont’s. Once

Hello! seasoned with love. Actually I’m saying that because I love gastronomy and I’m always up for it, LOL! BUT, I also love all my fans out there. :p U guys rock, like steak on a hot rock. :)) #BigLike Anyway, I’m going to tell you about a greatlicious eatxperience I’ve recently had at Zuma Dubai Restaurant. The famous Japanese luxury restaurant (worldwide chain) remains one of the best in Dubai. I’ve been there before (located in Dubai International Financial Centre), eatjoying perfect lunch and dinner. After two years I’ve

Hello from the… inside! Sorry, Adele. LOL! It’s The Insider calling, from St. Barths. Right here, right now. #snakkeit I’ve enjoyed New Year’s Eve in Saint Barthélemy, the French Caribbean Island. Hence, the most chic tropical place to be : leisure & luxury shopping ,best clubs and restaurants, amazing hotels and villas for rent, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. The biggest and most luxurious yachts were here for NYE and all around the year. This is the $hit liquid nolvadex for sale. and just got real! :)) This is

Where to: Safari

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You wanna escape the city? You better go on Safari. Where? Dubai. Why? Because it’s safabulous! There you have Platinum Heritage providing the best Luxury Tour & Safari services. Take a look here  Platinum Safari , and that look will take you there. For sure, for safari! 😉 #snakkeit buy viagra no consultation. I’ve been on a private safari tour, with a private cool egyptian driver, in a private Mercedes car – all private, only the impressions public. 😉 And, of course, not private desert. You can’t have it all, guys. Well,

It’s still #snakkeit winter, still shakking Merry Cool ideas for Holidays. It’s that time of the year… 😉 buy isotretinoin uk. This time I suggest you Mauritius to spend a WOW vacation. So, Wowritius is the Gem of the Indian Ocean, the Green Island about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent. It’s spectacular, offering you a spectacle of nature: tropical forests, exotic fruit trees and flowers, green tea plantations, sugar cane fields, botanical gardens, a perfect place to go scuba diving… and you’re going to fall

Well, I love things that have a cosmopolitan air, but let’s take a deep breath of serenity for a moment. Okaaay, fine, glam serenity. :)) Anyway, a moment once in a lifetime. Holy night, all is glam… If you wish some kind of peace for Holidays combined with a unique grand artsy & spiritual experience you should go to Abu Dhabi and visit Grand Mosque. Get inside! #TheInsider I was here weeks ago. It was almost night ouside. But here, the light is inside you. And no, I’m not talking

“High” there! Hi from the high life. (France, Courchevel, high altitude). It’s The Insider carolling: Holy Night, All is Glam… LOL! Well guys, I Wish You a Glamy KKristmas from Les Airelles ! Full of glam ’cause luxe brings you comfort, and comfort makes you feel calm. Be at peace with a stylish party and your night is going to Jingle Bell Rock. 😉 order misoprostol online. In other words, this brand new blog is my gift for you and my New Year’s resolution. For those who’ve got it and

It’s snakkeit winter! Let’s shakke another possible hot destination for your cool Holydays. KO SAMUI… or when a place amazes you to K.O. This place is going to take your breath away, guys! 😉 Ko Samui is a cosmopolitan island in the Gulf of Thailand. Actually, it is the $HIT – the trendiest island of Thai. Fun is at its home here. Aaand since you’re actually far away from yours, you are about to meet lots of new people; party people. Enjoy new restaurants & clubs viagra professional canadian pharmacy.

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