Hello snakkelings, The Insider is in and I’ve got photos of Elie Saab’s designs especially crafted for female shoulders and hands. #snakkeit #TheInsider Women are complicated, beautiful beings and it’s said that understanding them is a great feat that most men are incapable of. Elie Saab is not one of those men, because once you create the perfect bags, you create the perfect connection with all things feminine. And that is exactly what he did. Bags to brag about Beautiful and elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, these bags are a must-have

Each travel is supposed to be an experience of life and to bring new things & feelings. Even the return to a familiar place must be a NEW experience. Therefore, I always look forward to living beyond expectations. Though I’ve been to Abu Dhabi several times and I am totally used to it, last time this city has taken me by storm. Vrrrm, vrrrrrmmm… buy dyazide without prescription. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 3, 2, 1… Ready? #snakkeit #TheInsider Yeah, there is a Ferrari-themed amusement park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab

Heyummy, people! 😀 Put your shopping bags down and take a seat at People Downtown for a fancy scrumptious lunch. Right inside the Aïshti, the most luxurious department store in Beirut. #TheInsider #snakkeit Are you people up for ”eat ”? People Downtown Restaurant on the last floor Located inside the luxury multibrand store Aïshti (Prada, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent Paris, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Fendi, Chloé and many more), in the heart of downtown Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, this restaurant is just

High Hellos to you, snakkeits! I have a confession to make: I am the type of person who loves glamour (yes, I know you knew that, LOL), but I also like to look through old stuff and, by doing so, I found my personal copy of Marilyn Monroe’s biography, the one wrote by Norman Mailer with Bert Stern’s added photographs, photographs which are considered the most intimate ever taken of Monroe. A delightful, fitting tribute to the star who in 1962, at the time of her death, represented the world’s

A very fashionable highllo to you, snakkers! Today is a fancy day because we’re talking about bags. Yes, I know what you think: an exhausted and overly-debated subject amongst fashionistas and enthusiasts of beautiful accessories. Not quite exhausted, I’m afraid, because this month (on 5th of March, to be precise) the Christie’s Head Office in Paris held an extravagant and most delightful auction of… *drums* yeah, you guessed it, fellow comrades in high fashion, BAGS. Not just any bags, but LV and Hermes, top notch brands. All pre-owned. #TheInsider #snakkeit

Brazil is full of nuances. So am I! Especially now that I’ve got tanned in Rio. :)) Well, even though I am highly keen on high life and very cosmopolitan places, I also find comfort in the wildness. From luxurious to luxuriant, there is just one step: a step into the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. A mini jungle within a metropolitan jungle Such a dream! But if there’s such thing as heaven on earth, then this is it. This Botanical Garden, located at the Jardim Botânico district in the

Highest Greetings, snakkers! I’m always on the run, always up and about, always visiting and enjoying the high life and because of that I have to keep fit, but once in a while, it so happens that even the best of us feel the need to indulge in a little decadence. Yes, I’m talking about sugar and the kingdom of all things sweet: Demel, the oldest pastry shop in Vienna. Demel: Even royals have a sweet tooth The exquisite pastry shop is located in the central Innere Stadt district on

If travelling is the ritual of my life, then my home is a sanctuary of souvenirs and art. From all around the world, I’m especially keen on interior decorations and stuff. Stuffed with worldwide memories :)), I remember how I’ve carried some heavy decorative cubes by Jonathan Adler, all they way from Miami… Come in, find out more! 😉 #TheInsider #snakkeit Jonathan Adler & Co. From refined furniture to unique decorative objects and more (pottery, pillows, rugs, bed & bath accessories, tabletop collections, lighting, dining, all in an artsy way),

It smells like spring, snakkers! :p Spring is the most delightful – the season of rebirth, a reason for change. If two months ago I told you how TO sMell FORmiDable, now I’m going to reveal how to smEll freSh and what my new favourite perfumes are. #snakkeit Vivid “couture” fragrances by Elie Saab With his magic fingers as a wand, Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has put magic dust (of flower petals, resins and more) into his luxury “couture” fragrances, accutane 40 mg pharmacy. La Collection des Essences. Consisting

Travelling is building bridges all across the world, so I just love that. And Paris, mon amour, is one of the most notable and visited cities worldwide. This city and its bridges over the Seine simply fascinate me. Hence, I appreciate the Alexander Bridge as the most beautiful one. #snakkeit #TheInsider Pont Alexandre III, a Parisian Monument Historique Named after Tsar Alexander III, the bridge is one of the most prominent in Paris, across the Seine and leading to the Grand Palais. It also connects the Champs-Élysées with Les Invalides

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