High Hellos to you, snakkeits! I have a confession to make: I am the type of person who loves glamour (yes, I know you knew that, LOL), but I also like to look through old stuff and, by doing so, I found my personal copy of Marilyn Monroe’s biography, the one wrote by Norman Mailer with Bert Stern’s added photographs, photographs which are considered the most intimate ever taken of Monroe. A delightful, fitting tribute to the star who in 1962, at the time of her death, represented the world’s

We all love photography. But not anyone can take lovely photographs. Because very few people can capture the soul of other human beings through their lovely bones, by using the eye of the camera and vision as one. Oh, Erwin Olaf is one of those few who can. And I am one of those who could look at his photos continuously, losing myself in them. ‘Cause Olaf’s work is so freakishly lovely that it freaks me out and turns me inside out, all in a good way, by making my

Real success is not only applause, but a continuous party – that you must join. Elie Saab knows it best. His parties are always a MUST. #TheInsider #snakkeit In the heart of Paris, sharing the same heartbeat with the high life Elie Saab’s house, located at the center of Paris with a spectacular view towards the Eiffel Tower, hosted the fabulous afterparty just last month. Excellent taste and sophistication are two words that describe both the apartment and the radiant personality and creations of the famous designer. About 100 people,

”If you like the way you look that much… you should go and love yourself…” 😉 It might sound strange, but I do like how Justin Bieber sounds (lately). I really enjoy his recent music and his swag. And there are at least 3 reasons for that. 1. From zero to hero I highly admire the way Justin Bieber has built his high life. We all know that in the beginning Justin was just a poor boy, before becoming a money maker. Talented and determined people are role models to

Money may be the golden frame of you life’s scenery, but it’s love that makes the whole picture. Friends, family and especially your soulmate a.k.a. your Valentine. 😉 David & Victoria Beckham Venice, Victoria, Valentine’s… David and Danieli Hotel. Some years ago (10). Yes, back in the day I met this flawless couple in Italy, by staying at the same hotel. I admire them both as husband & wife. They have been married for 17 years, almost 2 decades of marriage in a world full of divorces. Victory, Victoria! That’s