Hello snakkelings, The Insider is in and I’ve got photos of Elie Saab’s designs especially crafted for female shoulders and hands. #snakkeit #TheInsider Women are complicated, beautiful beings and it’s said that understanding them is a great feat that most men are incapable of. Elie Saab is not one of those men, because once you create the perfect bags, you create the perfect connection with all things feminine. And that is exactly what he did. Bags to brag about Beautiful and elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, these bags are a must-have

A very fashionable highllo to you, snakkers! Today is a fancy day because we’re talking about bags. Yes, I know what you think: an exhausted and overly-debated subject amongst fashionistas and enthusiasts of beautiful accessories. Not quite exhausted, I’m afraid, because this month (on 5th of March, to be precise) the Christie’s Head Office in Paris held an extravagant and most delightful auction of… *drums* yeah, you guessed it, fellow comrades in high fashion, BAGS. Not just any bags, but LV and Hermes, top notch brands. All pre-owned. #TheInsider #snakkeit

It smells like spring, snakkers! :p Spring is the most delightful – the season of rebirth, a reason for change. If two months ago I told you how TO sMell FORmiDable, now I’m going to reveal how to smEll freSh and what my new favourite perfumes are. #snakkeit Vivid “couture” fragrances by Elie Saab With his magic fingers as a wand, Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has put magic dust (of flower petals, resins and more) into his luxury “couture” fragrances, accutane 40 mg pharmacy. La Collection des Essences. Consisting

Man is not an accessory, just as woman isn’t a trophy. But (special) men love accessories just as women do. donde puedo conseguir cytotec en panama. Touché! ‘Cause an exquisite accessory can make you look sophisticated and triumphant. And, honestly now, men crave triumph; while women love the triumph of sophistication. Mark my words! #snakkeit #TheInsider 😉 Be remarkable by wearing HJS cufflinks This friend of mine, Henri J. Sillam, with roots in Vienna, has wings around the world. ‘Cause he’s deeply keen on the artistry of goldsmithing, and his

My concept of life is that you have to dress well, eat quality food and, of course, travel all around the world for your own wellness. All these three, and you will have a good life. Everything you need, just in one post. 😉 #TheInsider #snakkeit Trunk Concept Store, Beirut First, travel to Beirut. Lebanon is one of the countries that you have to visit at least once in your life. Now, where to shop in Beirut? Situated in the heart of the city, in the upscale district Saifi Village,

Fashion doesn’t simply mean new trends and new arrivals. It sometimes takes history and tradition, as well. Going even further, I’ve made a tradition of buying and wearing Berluti shoes, such a classy brand since 1895. #snakkeit #TheInsider The Berluti brand Berluti is an Italian/Parisian menswear brand providing unique shoes and boots made of calfskin, kangaroo leather, and alligator skin. It also produces leather belts, bags and wallets, or even bespoke clothes. What do you think about leather shoes? Originally founded in 1985 by Italian Alessandro Berluti, the brand is

Christian Dior used to say that the detail is as important as the essential is. So is the perfume you wear. Because your fragrance is the most essential detail. J’adorable! 😉 La Collection Privée Christian Dior The Dior perfumes for men, those that you can find in Dior shops solely, blend my essences of choice and suit my essential tastes in fragrances. I first chose Bois d’Argent (Iris Absolute from Florence as the heart note, White Musk, powdery and slightly woody) which I used for 3 years. My new favourite

You might be satisfied with a Ballantine’s for Valentine’s, but for sure she’d like something brighter in exchange. And of course you’ll give it to her, since you’re drunk on love. Oh, intoxicating women… <3 You wanna be her precious lover? Then give her a precious present. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Only when it’s introduced to her by a man. :)) So let me introduce you to some expensive ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts to offer the woman of your life. (See the photos, right from London.) Do

I would say that Couture is not for everyone, but I’d rather let Fashion speak for itself. And for that I’ve got a collection of relevant photos from the newest Giambattista fashion show which are on fleek. But first, let’s put a few personal impressions on the catwalk, right from the place. Yasss, bae! ‘Cause we all luv talking about fashion, don’t we? :)) #snakkeit #TheInsider Giambattista Valli Spring 2016 Collection generic nexium. January 25, Paris, Carreau du Temple. Fashion show, showtime! White lights and white decor. Simple & minimalist.

People talk about fashion and they try to define what fashion is. But actually it’s Fashion that talks about people. Fashion says not what you are, but WHO you are and how you feel. The way you dress says a lot about your personality styled by your mood, and that’s why people love fashion. Falling in love with yourself? Maybe, ’cause fashion designs you the self-confidence. I am beautiful not because of fashion, but because fashion understands and suits my beauty. Perfection does exist through fashion. True fashion! #TheInsider #snakkeit

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