Merhaba to all of you, travelers! Nasılsın? :)) Well, as you already know, Istanbul is one of my favourite cities ever (see The Big 5 Favouricities: #5) because of both its mystical touch and cosmopolitan side, and also because I am simply enchanted by the Bosphorus. Hence, whenever I go to Istanbul – and I do it often – I choose to stay at… Swissôtel The Bosphorus. #TheInsider #snakkeit Sıcak Karşılama / Welcome cialis indonesia. A real welcome, ’cause this hotel is nothing but 5* luxury accommodation at the finest

Dubai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, provides one of the most astounding hotels and the highest accommodation. Even literally, considering the famous Burj Al Arab as kinda the tallest hotel ever. But this time I’m going to recommend to you Four Seasons Resort Dubai for a formidable staying. #snakkeit #TheInsider Four reasons why Four Seasons delivers 1. Located at the extraordinary Jumeirah Beach, this is not just another ordinary hotel. All day, all night, here you have everything: from beaching to shopping, or easy access to

Travelling is my state of mind, therefore there are many places on my mind. Cities I’ve already been to, cities I want to go to, or cities I always come back to. Regarding these last ones, I’m going to put them in a top. Are your faves in? 😉 #TheInsider #snakkeit #5 Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, also known as Constantinople/Byzantium regarding its history, is the biggest city in Turkey, representing the country’s economic, cultural, and historic heart. It is also in my heart, I just love this city. Everything about Istanbul

Travelling is part of my life, so I’ve got a second home whenever I travel to Beirut. 😉 I’m talking about Le Gray, the hotel of my choice when I’m in Beirut, one of my recurrent destinations. #snakkeit #TheInsider Le Gray Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon A luxury hotel, in a top location, surrounded by high-end shopping areas (high life, high expectations), fancy restaurants, cozy coffeehouses, art galleries and more. A modern classic situated in the historic downtown district, Le Gray is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Beirut. It offers

Croatia is one of the countries that I love the most. Mostly during summer. I’ve been there twice. But there are way more things to do. 😉 #snakkeit #TheInsider • Enjoying boat parties with your friends. In my case, my friends’ boat. We’ve had so much fun together. • Sailing the Mediterranean Sea, exploring new places. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has more than 1000 islands. I believe I still have got enough time to rock them all. :)) Hvar Island: to party along with the rich, famous and

When it comes to travelling, it also comes to getting accommodation. When it comes to that, the best locations from around the world come to my mind. Take my word for it! #snakkeit #TheInsider 😉 Park Hyatt Vienna This luxury hotel, being part of the Park Hyatt worldwide chain and situated in Vienna’s new Goldenes Quartier with a view over Am Hof square, is just perfect for business and leisure travellers as well. Moreover, the hotel is hosted by a beautiful 100-year-old building located in the First District of the


Kidding! :)) is actually a truly open-minded blog, isn’t it? 😉 Look, I’ve been even to Beijing (one of the most populous cities in the world), though this city is not really my type. A bit gray and polluted, this is how I found it. But I took it as an experience worth telling. #TheInsider #snakkeit The Forbidden City & The Last Emperor That’s the actual point! I was impressed by The Forbidden City, totally worth visiting. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace serving as home for

Ciao! The Carnival of Venice is coming, therefore I’ve got a high recommendation for your highly-deserved accommodation: the Aman Venice Hotel, amici! I’m definitely in love with this hotel. #snakkeit #TheInsider The famous luxury hotel brand opened a brand-new location in Venice, two years ago. It’s situated on the Grand Canal, in one of the most beautiful Venetian palaces, Palazzo Papadopoli. The hotel combines perfectly the minimalist style with the grandeur and opulence of the palace. The rooms are spacious, decorated with minimal furniture (B&B Italia, Maxalto), providing a view

Is there anything fishy about a gentleman who goes fishing? No, as long as you do it as a hobby, to relax, and as long as you don’t smell of fish. LOLish! Mombasa, Kenya. The aestival pearl of the country, situated on the Indian Ocean coast. Wild and wildly beautiful, this city offers unforgettable experiences to those who love lying in the sun, scuba diving, snorkeling… and, why knot, fishing? Yeah, tie your snell knot and let’s get fishy while you’re smelling of Dior Sauvage. :)) #snakkeit viagra alternatives that

”High” there, guys! Hi from the high life. Isn’t high life made of adrenaline? Of course it is. #snakkeit #TheInsider acheter malegra fxt. 😉 Even though I fear heights, I went for a highxperience full of adrenaline in Courchevel two years ago. Notice that Courchevel, France, is a ski resort located at (up to) 1,850 meters altitude. Then add the fact that I flew on a HOT AIR BALLOON at over 3000 meters in the air above the (already) high Courchevel. LOL, that’s hot! Hot, but cold. :)) Yes, I

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