What’s an artist without a muse? Or a muse without her artist? What’s a woman without a man? Or a man without a woman… or more? For sure it cannot be Gustav Klimt. LOL! :)) I am talking about The Women of Klimt exhibition, that I am flabbergasted about. All the answers below, in his very evocative paintings that speak for themselves. #snakkeit Gustav Klimt The Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt is one of my favourite artists ever. He was among the most important members of the Vienna Secession movement,

Where to go, where to eat? Whenever you travel, it’s not only the accommodation that you have to care about, but also the restaurants around. Yes, travelling may eat your heart out if you’re fussy when it comes to food. :)) So you’d better be informed. It is better to dig this question in advance. Here I am, highly pretentious ready to offer high recommendations. #TheInsider #snakkeit Amal Restaurant, Armani Hotel Dubai Well, if you’re travelling to Dubai – and of course you do, because Dubai is Dubai – then

Highllo, guys! [Hello from the high life!] The week has just started. And I’ve just begun being fabulous. So have you! 😉 It’s time to get back in business and make the world go ’round. Here’s your look of the week: wear it, nail it, #snakkeit! #TheInsider Back to the office. Office look. Expose it, impose it A high part of success is how you expose your image and how you impose it upon. And here comes a highly, carefully selected outfit to help. Just let me help you! 😀


Kidding! :)) Snakkeit.com is actually a truly open-minded blog, isn’t it? 😉 Look, I’ve been even to Beijing (one of the most populous cities in the world), though this city is not really my type. A bit gray and polluted, this is how I found it. But I took it as an experience worth telling. #TheInsider #snakkeit The Forbidden City & The Last Emperor That’s the actual point! I was impressed by The Forbidden City, totally worth visiting. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace serving as home for

Real success is not only applause, but a continuous party – that you must join. Elie Saab knows it best. His parties are always a MUST. #TheInsider #snakkeit In the heart of Paris, sharing the same heartbeat with the high life Elie Saab’s house, located at the center of Paris with a spectacular view towards the Eiffel Tower, hosted the fabulous afterparty just last month. Excellent taste and sophistication are two words that describe both the apartment and the radiant personality and creations of the famous designer. About 100 people,

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